I use this part of my online blog to write about the many tabletop games I play. I thoroughly enjoy writing as much as I do enjoying playing board games so I thought why not try a twist with battle reports. Whilst I do not have time for video based battle reports, I thought I would take a turn at doing story driven write ups. The stories allow for me to describe the action from an armies POV whilst interspersing it with commentary of how the game went that round. I hope to break each round with a few lines of “trooper perspective”. This in addition helps me improve me writing in a fantasy setting.

I will cover Star Wars Armada and Star Wars Legion here and the naming convention will be as follows: Battle Report: L001 with L indicating Legion whilst Battle Report: A001 with an A for Armada.

May your dice show accuracies and criticals.

I hope you like this approach and feedback as always is welcomed.